Stock Market Holidays – March 2017

Check Worldwide stock market holidays in March 2017.

Stock Market Holidays – March 2017

Date Holiday Exchange
March – 1, Wednesday Ash Wednesday Bolsa de Valores de Panama S.A,
Cayman Islands Stock Exchange,
Jamaica Stock Exchange
Independence Movement Day Korea Exchange
March – 2, Thursday Peasant’s Day Yangon Stock Exchange
March – 3, Friday Liberation Day Bulgarian Stock Exchange
Martry’s Day Malawi Stock Exchange
Mothers’ Day Georgian Stock Exchange
March – 6, Monday Independence Day Ghana Stock Exchange
March – 8, Wednesday Women’s Day Cambodia Securities Exchange,
Georgian Stock Exchange,
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange,
Lusaka Stock Exchange,
Moscow Exchange,
Uganda Securities Exchange,
Ukrainian Exchange
March – 12, Sunday Fullmoon Day of Tabaung Yangon Stock Exchange
Purim Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
March – 13, Monday Commonwealth Day Gibraltar Stock Exchange
Holi Bombay Stock Exchange,
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE),
Youth Day Lusaka Stock Exchange
March – 15, Wednesday National Holiday Budapest Stock Exchange
March – 17, Friday Birth day of Father of Nation Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman Chittagong Stock Exchange,
Dhaka Stock Exchange
St. Patrick’s Day Irish Stock Exchange
March – 19, Sunday Feast of St. Joseph Malta Stock Exchange
Oil Nationalisation Day Tehran Stock Exchange
March – 20, Monday Juarez’s Birthday Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
St Josephs Day Colombia Stock Exchange
Vernal Equinox Japan Exchange Group,
Osaka Stock Exchange,
Tokyo Stock Exchange
March – 21, Tuesday Human Rights Day Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Independence Day Namibian Stock Exchange
Mother’s Day Damascus Securities Exchange
Nauryz Kazakhstan Stock Exchange,
Tehran Stock Exchange
March – 22, Wednesday Nauryz Kazakhstan Stock Exchange,
Tehran Stock Exchange
March – 23, Thursday Nauryz Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
March – 25, Saturday Feast of Annunciation Beirut Stock Exchange
March – 26, Sunday Independence & National day Chittagong Stock Exchange,
Dhaka Stock Exchange
March – 27, Monday Armed Forces Day Yangon Stock Exchange
March – 28, Tuesday Gudi Padwa SEBI
Hindu Saka New Year 1938 Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
March – 29, Wednesday Ugadi Stock Exchange Of Mauritius
March – 30, Thursday Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange
March – 31, Friday Freedom Day Malta Stock Exchange

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